Workshop for SciFi Authors on Language Evolution

26th May 2023, 13:00 - 16:00

Liverpool University Arts Library, 19 Abercromby Square, Liverpool L69 7ZG

This is a free workshop open to all authors at any stage of their career

A free lunch will be available from 12.30pm with a further coffee break in the afternoon.

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Are you a Science Fiction author? Do you need some inspiration for your next big story? We are able to provide a free workshop on language evolution to discover cutting-edge answers to some of the hardest questions in science:

Experts in the scientific study of language evolution will present the cutting edge of research, giving you the fuel you need to create amazing stories. We'll cover current theories, experimental methods and the answers that still elude us. This is not a course on how to create a fantasy language, it's more like a course on how to think about the way a fantasy language might be shaped by its speakers, environment and culture.

You can start learning right now by visiting our Online Resources page.

For more information, please contact Sean Roberts (

The workshop will follow an academic workshop on the relationship between science and science fiction.