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Results of the 2020 Language Evolves competition

Winner: Aroma Therapy by Sue Dawes

Sue Dawes lives in the wilds of Essex with her family, and is writing a speculative novel as part of her PhD in Creative Writing at Essex University. She writes in several genres and has over 30 writing credits to her name: short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. She has been published in magazines, anthologies and on-line publications, including Mslexia, Potato Soup Journal, Writer's Forum and the Island Review. She has also had some success in competitions. Sue contributes to the Wivenhoe writer's blog and has a WordPress site where she logs her writing achievements. Sue is a reader for Short Fiction journal, and a member of Colchester Writenight, which she helps to run. She can be found on Twitter @Wivenhoewriters.

Read Aroma Therapy in The May 2021 edition of the New Welsh Review.

Enillydd/ Winner of the Welsh competition: Rhyngwyneb by/gan Ian Richards

Magwyd Ian yn Lloegr, er ei fod yn dod o deulu Cymreig. Roedd ei dad yn Gymro Cymraeg o Gwmafan, Gorllewin Morgannwg, a'i fam o Aberafan. Ymhen yr hir a'r hwyr derbyniodd Ian her yr heniaith, a symud i Gymru yn 2011. Tua 2017 dechreuodd Ian ar ysgrifennu creadigol yn Saesneg, ond wedi ei ysbrydoli gan y tiwtoriaid yn Nhŷ Newydd, Llanystumdwy, trodd fe at ysgrifennu yn Gymraeg. Mae'n ddiolchgar iawn i Lenyddiaeth Cymru am eu cymorth. Mae Ian yn byw ym Machynlleth bellach, gyda'i wraig Chris, a phan nad yw Ian yn ysgrifennu, maen nhw'n treulio amser mewn coedwig, neu ar lan y môr, neu gyda'u defaid anwes. Mae Chris yn cynhyrchu a lliwio edafedd ei hun o'u gwlân.

Ian was born and brought up in England in a Welsh family. His father, a Welsh speaker, came from Cwmafan, West Glamorgan and his mother from Aberafan. Leaving it late, Ian began to learn Welsh and soon after moved to Wales in 2011. Ian began creative writing around 2017, at first and successfully in English, he was soon inspired to move to writing in Welsh. He is grateful for the support of Llenyddiaeth Cymru through courses at Tŷ Newydd. Ian now lives in Machynlleth, with his wife, Chris. When Ian is not writing they spend time in woodland, or in looking after their pet sheep. Chris produces and dyes her own yarn from these woolly characters

Darllenwch Rhyngwyneb ar wefan Y Stamp.

Runner-up: The Precious Space by Tim Byrne

Tim Byrne is the author of the award winning story What you Want, performed in full by BAFTA nominated actor, Michael Sheen at Tim was longlisted for the Times Chickenhouse Prize for Children's fiction for his novel The Living Memory and his story The Internet of Adorable Things has been published in association with Southampton University's Green Stories project. Tim is currently developing a new novel, The Precious Space based on his previous work.

Read The Precious Space in The May 2021 edition of the New Welsh Review.

Runner-up: Artifact of the Anti-Verbal Era by Iulia Teodorescu

Julia Teodorescu is a recent English grad from Cambridge with a particular affection for theatre, absurdism, and contemporary writing. When she writes, she aims to incorporate absurdism and lyricism while engaging with contemporary issues in indirect ways. She especially enjoys composing prose and minimalist poetry, and is also interested in script writing. Her favourite novel is probably On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous– I really admire how Ocean Vuong achieves harrowing societal reflection with aesthetic virtuosity. When it comes to free time, Iulia loves painting, directing plays, and feeding the rather alarming monster that is her jumper collection. You can find her on twitter @iuliateo2

Read Artifact of the Anti-Verbal Era online for free here.

Runner-up: A star on the tongue by Rayn Epremian

Rayn Epremian writes fantasy, science fiction, and the occasional musical. She is also a poet and filmmaker, and has an MSc in Evolution of Language and Cognition. Her typical haunts are Edinburgh, New York, and the Shire, and you can always find her at

A star on the tongue will be published in Fusion Fragment in January 2022.

Details of the first competition (English, December 2020).

Manylion y gystadleuaeth gyntaf (Cymraeg, Rhagfur 2020)

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